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About us
The Lebanese Development Network (LDN) is a national non-profit organization "dedicated to assist individuals, communities and institutions build their capacities by conveying knowledge and improving practical performance to enable them manage the changing social requirements, catch opportunities and meet the development challenges.”

LDN works in the education, culture, economy, social and health fields through the various strategic levels of Capacity Building, Social Marketing and Networking Practices, and provides Consultancy, Training and Program Development services.

We endeavor to promote new paradigms for SMEs and Social Entrepreneurships in collaboration with both the public and the private sectors, and to advance the culture of democracy, human rights, dialogue, citizenship and good governance.

We have teamed up on projects with a group of prominent local, regional and international organizations whose efforts are dedicated to build stronger societies.

We work closely with our like-minded partners to develop effective relationships and add value to community life.

Our perception is not limited to the ability of taking an active role in social well-being, but to enable our beneficiaries make a real difference in the lives of the people they serve.
Featured Activity
The Youth Leadership Program of the Lebanon Renaissance Foundation, Inc. (LRF) aims at encouraging consensus-seeking dialogues between young political party members. The program underlines a will to inquire and highlight critical political agendas on the national and regional scale, and reflects upon the LRF’s firm belief in the benefits of enhancing knowledge in these domains and in the sharing of opinions on all public matters between relevant stakeholders.

LRF is an independent, non-governmental and non-sectarian educational organization registered in the US and operating from Lebanon. It seeks to advance the practice of non-violence and democratic activism. The Foundation strongly believes that the private sector and the Diaspora are uniquely positioned to assist in the country's national rebuilding process favoring emergence of State.
Projects & Programs
EUROMED Youth Mobility
DAEDALUS is an ENPI-funded program which aims at addressing the needs of young residents in Lebanon, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Jordan, Tunisia and Palestine seeking employment in the labor markets of the Mediterranean Sea Basin. It strives to provide career advising services to young people, to enhance their career and business opportunities, and match their qualifications and skills with the existing needs.
Access to Information
This World Bank project is designed to assess the peoples' familiarity with the nexus between their rights and the information they hold. It seeks to map the impact of the absence of Access to Information (ATI) laws in Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia on three levels: the personal and family sphere; the level of professional and business activities; and on the sphere of good governance in the country.
CSR in Action
This program is an Al Ahli Holding Group (UAE) initiative set to develop the practice of the CSR activities among practitioners and augment their conceptual understanding. Through capacity building mechanisms, the program aims at engaging the private sector, the academia and the government entities in formulating strategies that are more responsive to community needs.
SME Finance and Market Risk Analysis
The ‘SME Finance and Market Risk Analysis’ project aims at presenting a better understanding of the environment of SMEs and the institutional drivers as well as the relation of the banking sector with the entrepreneurial incentives. It seeks to explore the examinations on ICT; Agri-Business and Basic Services in addition to the different financial loopholes that SMEs face.
Livelihoods Inclusive Finance Expansion
The USAID-funded ‘Livelihoods Inclusive Finance Expansion’ (LIFE) links vulnerable entrepreneurs at the bottom of the economic pyramid with business training and financial services. It seeks at improving livelihoods, creating jobs, and reducing poverty while facilitating growth and consolidation of the microfinance sector in Lebanon with a focus on rural areas and "host communities" in Lebanon.
Human Rights, Democracy & Citizenship
This program is launched in partnership with the Foundation for Human & Humanitarian Rights (FHHRL) and is designed to be a qualitative addition to the process of democratic state building. It constitutes an advanced educational activity intended for activists who would combine practical experience in human rights and democracy with hands-on academic practices.
Training & Consultancy
Promoting Vocational Education
The Lebanese – German Program “Promotion of Vocational Education and Small and Medium Enterprise Development” (DSME) strives to improve the Lebanese Technical and Vocational Education System (TVET) by strengthening its practice and market-oriented aspects. It supports the partners to successfully fill their roles and responsibilities through building the capacity of the involved staff.
Organizational Leadership
The "Organizational Leadership” training workshop was organized in partnership with the Arab Foundations Forum (AFF). Representatives of the major regional organizations and business leaders participated in the event. Several topics were addressed such as: Organizational Behavior and Development, Team Building, the Factors of Change in Institutions and Managerial Leadership.
Leadership & Board Governance
This workshop constitutes a joint venture between The ‘King Khalid Foundation’ in Riyadh (KSA) and the ‘John Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement’ of the American University of Cairo (AUC). It focuses on the importance of the strategic path that organizations should lead while securing the basic opportunities for analysis, evaluation and advancement of the governance policies.
Water Management Integrity
This training program is implemented by the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy at AUB with the support of the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). Within the context of Water Integrity, it aims to develop capacities of various water stakeholder groups at different governance levels to improve transparency, accountability and participatory practices in water management in the MENA region.
Promotion of Social Dialogue
This European Commission-funded project seeks to enhance the capacities of the Ministry of Labour (MoL) and the other Lebanese social partners to become promoters of social dialogue. It aims at strengthening social protection and improve labour legislation through Policy Analysis, Strategy Papers as well as the Development of Training Programmes. The project was implemented by GOPA.
Local Strategic Planning
The “Enhanced Municipal Governance for Effective Decentralization in Lebanon” is a project funded by the Italian Government and implemented by the UN-Habitat. It aims at supporting Lebanese Ministry of Interior and enhancing its communication with the Municipalities and Unions of Municipalities by developing a national municipal capacity on the administrative, financial and technical levels.
EuroMed Youth - Spain
A special initiative dedicated to improve the youth engagement in building a democratic society based on equality, dialogue and solidarity among the Euro-Mediterranean peoples. 
A Partnership with E-Campus
The agreement sets forth the development of academic and research projects, organizing workshops, seminars, exchange programs as well as educational and capacity building activities.
Gulf Donorship - Qatar 
A joint activity between the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies at the Doha Institute (Qatar) and the  Humanitarian Policy Group (UK) at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI).
Employee of the Year
The Sapphire Award Program (SAP) is a highly recognized activity in Lebanon where top employees from different economic sectors undergo a unique transformational leadership experience.
Global Thinkers Mentors - UK  
An eight months mentoring cycle between experienced thought leaders, who are part of the Global Thinkers Forum community, with individuals aged between 18 - 29 from all over the world.   
Organizational Performance Tool 
The Organizational Performance Assessment System forms a "diagnostic tool" that builds on the synergy between planning and evaluation, and results in the discernment of impact and value.
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